More time for coffee

Information about TIMEMORE

Our designs are based on professionalism, aesthetics, usability and honesty
In this fast-paced world, we help people rave rituals for a slower life with coffee accessories.


James Zhan

Director of Operations

Mechanical Product Designer
with experience in e-commerce platforms
Responsible for the entire company
Operations and e-commerce.

Yu Yue

Director of Designs

7 years of experience in industrial design
Two-time winner of the Reddot Prize. Master in Industrial Design. Worked for CREATIVE and ZTE. Responsible for industrial design, visual
designs and brand strategies.

JiuShu Chen

Director of R&D

With experience in producing coffee accessories.
Has extensive supplier resources. Responsible for the company's supply chain and production management.

Customization service

OEM for many international brands and well-known Chinese large companies.
Including co-branded products, customized products, design customization, etc., and receive excellent customer reviews.
(This service is based on the pensiontion of TIMEMORE brand information.

Collaboration with Starbucks

The company was selected as the only specialty coffee brand in mainland China in 2017 and exhibited in the world's largest Roastery flagship store in Shanghai, and has a long-term product cooperation with Starbucks.
We meet the demanding inspection procedures and high requirements of from product quality to the supply chain.